PowerColor Red Devil Radeon™ RX 590 8GB GDDR5


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    • 新紅魔即將喚醒邪惡勢力!
    • PowerColor Red Devil RX 590 8GB GDDR5採用8GB GDDR5記憶體與2304個流處理器,搭載2000MHz核心時脈,並擁有新型高速256位內存接口。
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    • 享受終極遊戲體驗與安靜無聲的環境
    • PowerColor RX590 Red Devil配置8 pin加6 pin的電源連接器,與卓越的6+1項供電設計,增強了電源的穩定性,並且藉由雙BIOS開關達到超頻的最終性能或是安靜省電的效果,Dr. MOS提供更優質的電源效率,與更佳的過熱保護裝置。另外,PowerColor Red Devil RX 590 採用4根8 mm鍍鎳熱管,以增強更好的散熱效果。
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    • 1.防彎背板設計


    • 2.依個人需求切換超頻模式或靜音模式


    • 3.強大的Dr. MOS, 達到更完整的保護

      Dr. MOS提供更優質的電源轉換效率,與更佳的過熱保護裝置。

    • 4. 5根高效能導熱管

      4根8mm+1根6mm 的鍍鎳熱管,讓卡片達到極致的散熱效果。

    • 5. LED燈


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    • 雙滾珠軸承
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    • 智能靜音風扇技術
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    • 白金級DrMos電源模組
    • ‧ 電子控制和超大容量提高穩定性
    • ‧ 超節能
    • ‧ 顯著的低電力損失
    • ‧ 更好的溫度保護
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    • 雙BIOS設定,可隨心所欲切換BIOS,達到超頻模式或靜音模式。
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    • 更低的溫度卻搭載著強大的性能
    • 為了提供強大但無聲的遊戲體驗,Red Devil RX590散熱器的部分也做了很大的升級, 底座及導管都有鍍鎳, 散熱鰭片也做得相當工整, 更加大了散熱面積, 配備了4個8mm, 1個6mm鍍鎳熱管, 以保證溫度更低,性能更好。
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    • 強化金屬背板
    • Red Devil RX590 採用1.5mm的金屬背板,增強保護GPU和整個零組件,是一種絕對堅韌的金屬背板。
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    • 發亮的Red Devil
    • Red Devil 的LED 燈能在黑暗中閃閃發光。


AMD Eyefinty Technology
Run multiple displays from a single graphics board and expand your gaming field of view across all displays.
GCN Architecture
A new design for AMD’s unified graphics processing and compute cores that allows them to achieve higher utilization for improved performance and efficiency.
AMD App Acceleration
AMD App Accelerator creates a “co-processing” environment in which the compute processing potential in your AMD Radeon™ Graphics processor works together with the system central processor, to accelerate enabled applications.
AMD HD3D Technology
Supports the latest stereoscopic 3D content and display technologies.
Play 3D games, watch Blu-ray 3D videos, and edit 3D photos on your 3D Monitors, TV, or projector.
AMD CrossFire™ Technology
Multi-GPU support offers superior scalability.
Increase our gaming performance up to 2x with AMD CrossFire™ technology, 2.75x for TriFire configurations, or 3.75x with QuadFire configs.
AMD HD Media Accelerator
Conclusively enable superior video playback quality with advanced hardware post-processing algorithms.
True to life echoes, convolution reverbs and fuller sounding environments with increased voices and audio objects deliver a richer and more immersive gaming soundscape.
AMD PowerPlay™ Technology
AMD PowerPlay™ Technology dynamically adjusts clockspeeds in response to GPU load, saving power for just when you need it.
PCI Express 3.0
Delivers double the bandwidth per lane of PCIe Gen 2 for faster GPU.
Microsoft Windows® 7 Support
Comprehensive OS supports the latest Windows7 functionality and Driver support.
(** some products only support 64bit OS, please visit website on www.powercolor.com for details**)
Microsoft Windows® 10 Support
Comprehensive OS supports the latest Windows10 functionality and Driver support.
(** some products only support 64bit OS, please visit website on www.powercolor.com for details**)
Advanced GDDR5 Memory Technology
GDDR5 memory provides the highest available memory bandwidth of any memory technology today, enabling higher GPU performance.
Platinum PowerKIT
The Most Solidly-Built Components enhance the stability, ultimate performance and efficiency.
Integrated high speed HDMI output with 1080p 120Hz 3D Stereoscopic support, and 4K resolution display support.
Microsoft DirectX® 12
Get intense gaming performance and unrivalled image quality with stunning 3D visual effects, realistic lighting and lifelike imagery.
Mute Fan Technology
Providing noiseless environment and reducing the power consumption when the GPU temperature is low than 60°C.
UEFI Support
Better security by helping protect the pre-startup—or pre-boot—process against bootkit attacks and faster startup times and resuming from hibernation.
Virtual Super Resolution
Get quality that rivals 4K, even on a 1080p display while playing your favorite online games thanks to AMD's VSR.
Radeon™ VR Ready Premium
Escape into lifelike realms of virtual reality experiences with Radeon VR Ready Premium solutions.
AMD XConnect™ Ready
Now it’s easier than ever to connect and use an external Radeon™ graphics card. With AMD XConnect™ technology, external GPU enclosures configured with Radeon™ Graphics can easily connect and disconnect to a compatible ultrathin notebook or 2-in-1 over Thunderbolt™ 31 at any time, just like a USB flash drive-a first for external GPUs!
Radeon™ Chill
A power-saving feature that dynamically regulates frame rate based on your in-game movements. Radeon™ Chill can improve power efficiency and can lower temperatures for supported products and games when enabled through Radeon™ Software.

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顯示晶片 AXRX 590 8GBD5-3DH/OC
記憶體 8GB GDDR5
流處理器 2304 Units
記憶體時脈 2000MHz x4 (8.0Gbps)
記憶體介面 256-bit
DirectX® 支援 12
介面規格 PCIE 3.0
輸出介面 DL DVI-D/ HDMI/ DisplayPort x3
Feature Support
OpenGL Support
CrossFireX™ 技術 Support
AMD Stream 技術 Support
AMD Eyefinity 技術 Support
AMD Hypermemory 技術
DVI 2560x1600
DisplayPort 4096x2160
HDMI 4096x2160
電源 / 顯卡尺寸
顯卡尺寸 255mm*157mm*57mm
最低電源供應 (W) 600W
電源接口 One 6-Pin and One 8-Pin PCI Express Power connectors

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    Driver (PCI-E)

本文提供的全部訊息僅供參考。 PowerColor 保留隨時修改或更改內容的權利,恕不另行通知。


" What the Red Devil does have is the endlessly consistent PowerColor build quality. They are always producing good quality cards and this is no different. Whatever you feel about the heavy dose of red in the colour scheme, you can't claim that it looks cheap. At this end of the graphics card market having a card which looks like it cost a bundle, even if it didn't, can make the difference. Nobody wants a disappointing unbranded-looking GPU. Additionally the cooler does well keeping the card cool even when overclocked, and there is enough headroom that you can push it beyond even the factory overclock if you so choose. "
" But the RX 590, particularly this Red Devil version, is a lot cooler than the reference version of Nvidia’s GTX 1060. The fans only spin up when they absolutely have to, and even when they do they’re remarkably quiet, leaving only the telltale AMD coil whine squealing in the wind. Or whatever that teeth-tingling electrical noise actually is…
The RX 590 is the most powerful mainstream, sub-$300 graphics card in the market right now. AMD has updated its top Polaris card with the most minor of upgrades and that’s enough to just about push it ahead of the competition. Admittedly that competition is mostly from its own predecessor, the RX 580, but it also ensures the GTX 1060 is pushed further down the list. "
" The benchmarks push the XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy OC + and PowerColor Radeon RX 590 Red Devil into the gap existent by AMD. Depending on the graphics engine, the graphics API used and the settings, the models of the Radeon RX 590 achieve the goal of clearly beating the GeForce GTX 1060. From a few percentage points to just over 20%.
PowerColor adds another game bundle to the Radeon RX 590 Red Devil. These are the three titles Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2 . "
PC Games Hardware
" Although hardware enthusiasts have to suppress a yawn due to the warmed-up 2016 technology, AMD makes a lot of things right with the Radeon RX 590: It is clearly the fastest graphics card in the range between 250 and 300 euros, thanks to 8 GiByte memory also growing games and also starts with an attractive pack that puts the price into perspective : buyers of a Radeon RX 590, RX Vega 56and RX Vega 64 will receive codes for the coming PC titles The Division 2 , Resident Evil 2 (2019 remake) and Devil from November 15th May Cry 5 . It is important that you order at a participating store - inquire before buying the dealer of your confidence.
Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1060 6GB is on average over 30 PCGH benchmark games has no chance against the Radeon RX 590, even as a memory- accelerated variant - although not yet spoken the last word until the GTX 1060 GDDR5X appears. "
" With the Polaris 30 GPU first produced in 12 nm, the Radeon RX 590 is in the end no more and no less than a successful optimization of the Radeon RX 580, which scores ten percent more than any other benchmark in the test, but only takes seven percent more electrical power. In direct duel with the GeForce GTX 1060 as currently still sufficiently fast graphics card for Full HD, AMD is now even stronger, because with reference clock custom designs of the GeForce GTX 1060 are beaten. "
" The Radeon RX 590 is a notch faster compared to the 580, but really a bit all over the place depending on game title; fast in fill-rate limited games, a little less with GPU stringent ones. Overall you are looking at a product that still competes with the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and 1060 really well. So in the year 2018, any RX 580 or 590 8GB is still a valid choice for 1080p and even 1440p gaming. "
" The Powercolor Red Devil RX 590 has an MSRP of $279, which is about 10% higher than your average, custom GeForce GTX 1060. Looking back at the numbers, that price point is right on target in the current landscape. That said, the RX 590 will definitely use more power than a GTX 1060 and we must point out that for a bit more money, there’s a LOT more performance to be had.
There is an additional wrinkle to consider as well. At the moment there is a promo running for Radeon RX 590 buyers that’ll include Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 for free. Those are some top-notch games that definitely boost the Radeon RX 590’s value prop.
Ultimately, if you’re budgeting less than $300 for a GPU, the Radeon RX 590 is arguably the best overall choice at this time. It’s the strongest performer in the category and multiple AAA games are being tossed in for good measure. "
PowerColor Red Devil RX 590 Pros
• The PowerColor Red Devil RX 590 is much faster than any RX 580 by virtue of its being fabricated on the 12nm process, and it will beat any premium factory overclocked RX 580.
• At $279 the Red Devil RX 590 is the same price as the most premium RX 580s. In addition, it comes with 3 great games bundled with it for an additional value of $180.
• The Red Devil RX 590 wins most of its benches against the single game-bundled slightly cheaper EVGA GTX 1060 SC.
• The Red Devil RX 590 has a very good power delivery and 2-fan custom cooling design that is very quiet.
• Dual-BIOS give the user a choice of quiet and less overclocking, or a bit louder with higher power-unlimited overclocks.
• FreeSync2 eliminates tearing and stuttering and it is much less expensive than comparable GSYNC displays.
• The RX 590 has 8GB of vRAM compared with the 6GB of vRAM used in the price-competitive GTX 1060.
" By the numbers, then, where does the RX 590 land? Reference-to-reference, the RX 590 is about 12% faster than the RX 580 at 1080p/1440p, and 14-15% faster than the RX 480. Across the aisle, this turns out to be 9% faster than the reference GTX 1060 6GB.
Altogether, AMD is helping push the RX 590 along with a three-game launch bundle and emphasizing the value of FreeSync monitors. One might add that the RX 590 also makes the most out of the game bundle, which now presents itself as a direct value-add for the card. "
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