Here are the rest of your honest suggestions! Thank you all!

01 - Mi***************
In my opinion, PowerColor should focus on developing energy-efficient and high-performance graphics cards that cater to the needs of both gamers and professionals. It would be great if they could also reduce the size of their graphics cards without compromising on performance, making it easier for users to build compact systems. Additionally, PowerColor could also focus on improving the cooling solutions for their graphics cards, which would help in reducing the noise levels and increasing the lifespan of the components.

02 - iv******
Id say make graphics afordable again, but I know its not up to you guys its up to GPU makers...
Just continue to give buyers tested and tryed products, because no one likes half baked ones that some other brands have been doing lately, pumping out gimicks instead of usefull stuff etc. I think one of the most important things you can do is keep true to your build quality, cause in the end it is the most important for us users/buyers, a good build quality product that lasts a long time.

03 - 23**10@st***************it
I would like you to provide maintenance kits with a disassembly guide for changing thermal pads (of the correct size of the reference model or with a cutting guide) and thermal paste. I would also like to include mounting points in the heatsink for classic 120mm fans to replace when the original fans break. I wish there were temperature controllers on each individual memory chip and VRM too for more control in OC.

04 - ra***xd@w***de
Maybe more white models with ARGB, or some more different color options for the GPU shrouds, maybe something pink or purple (:
Also, maybe uploading 3D files to make custom GPU shrouds on a 3D printer would be really cool!

05 - ga********
As a fan of PowerColor, I wish they would continue to innovate and offer high-performance, high-quality, and affordable graphics cards for gamers.I hope to also introduce kits for routine maintenance of the GPU (thermal pads, frames for thermal paste and related thermal paste, assembly and disassembly instructions). 

06 - rv****
Yang saya harapkan dari PoweColor untuk kedepannya mungkin bisa ditingkatkan lagi sistem pendingin vga-nya agar bisa lebih maksimal, dan  tolong lebih diperhatikan tampilannya (walaupun saya sendiri sebenarnya lebih fokus memilih vga dengan performa yang paling bagus, tetapi terkadang saya juga memikirkan bagaimana penampilan barang tersebut)  agar bisa lebih menarik (walaupun hanya dengan mengubah warna atau menambah sedikit corak, hal tersebut dapat mengubah pandangan seseorang terhadap sebuah produk).

07 - sa********
dari segi desain, lebih di percantik, jangan terlalu norak, tapi juga jangan terlalu jadul,
untuk pendinginan, perbaiki kualitas heatsink, soalnya percuma kasih kipas RPM gede tapi media(heatsink)nya tidak bagus menghantar panas ke permukaan, begitu juga desain kipas, pastikan optimal menarik dan mendorong hembusan angin, kipas gak perlu banyak, gpu card juga gak perlu gede alias bongsor, sipp tetap maju jaya terus ya powercolor

08 - m.************
Semoga kedepannya PowerColor terus berinovasi dan membuat produk produk yg mengikuti pasar teknologi.Terus mempertahankan kualitas untuk mendapatkan yg terbaik bagi konsumen dan jangan lupa untuk garansi tetap di pertahankan demi kenyamanan konsumen dari produk PowerColor.

09 - ma******

10 - ky********

11 - jo*******

12 - du***
Would love to see PowerColor to enter into monitor market with Red Devil gaming monitor. And since you guys have mousepad, would be nice to see keyboard and mouse to go with. Either with Hellhound or Red Devil name. Also would love to see red colored card, or any other color for graphic card.  

13 - vi*****
Please listen to feedback on the design of the next series of products. I would like PowerColor to make some cards that are more elegant and work-oriented. Right now, there are only gaming-focused cards.

14 - bo********

15 - q7************sx@Ya*********w


16 - bl****@ou********m
The Red Devil and Hellhound names and branding are very strong, but I don't think they reach their potential being limited to GPUs. I think if PowerColor chose to partner with a system builder to make Red Devil and Hellhound themed systems, they'd be popular. Both of them should be used and advertised on some gaming accessories at the minimum.

17 - za********
More customized designs like the white variant of the Hellhound model. The custom swappable backplates were also cool and should be showcased in more themed custom builds. I still remember the red devil Rx 7900 skin from Jayztwocent's Youtube channel because the web-like design stood out.

18 - gr********
It would be cool if you could work with both AMD and/or a gaming company to come up with a limited edition GPU, think it could look epic with design/RGB. Also wish there were more gaming peripherals in your catalog, like mice, RGB headsets, lights, etc.

19 - Jt****
Bring back some of the thinner high end GPUs. I understand why they went away for the most part, but for some of the lower power cards like the 7700 XT it would be nice if every option wasn't triple slot. 

20 - ca*********
I think it would cool if we got other color choices for gpus.  Maybe swappable colored faceplates so not every gpu would be black or white. This would open up more choices for builders that have different color themes that they would want to create.

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