Displaying the latest and greatest of graphics performance and eGFX solutions

Taipei, Taiwan – May 20th, 2019 - TUL Corporation, a leading and innovative manufacturer of AMD graphic cards since 1997, attending one of the most important and largest global technology exhibition, the Computex in Taiwan, Taipei.

PowerColor will be displaying one of the most successful line of products, under Red Devil and Red Dragon as well the latest eGFX solutions as PowerColor Mini Pro and Mini for productivity and Gaming station for gaming.

For more information, contact or visit us at Nangang Exhibition hall 1, 6F, meeting room# 616 from May 28 - May 31, 2019.

Red Devil over the years gained a powerful reputation in the enthusiast community and with that reputation came the need for a renewed branding and logo, PowerColor will be previewing for the first time the next generation Red Devil branding, come and meet the new Devil, if you dare…
PowerColor Mini Pro ‧Gaming Station
About TUL Corporation

TUL Corporation is a leading and innovative manufacturer of AMD graphic cards since 1997. Through our solid engineering technology and design know-how, we offer award-winning products to worldwide consumers.
TUL employs more than 150 talents which includes China, Europe, Russia and USA. We serve over 300 partners and distributors globally.

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