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  • How can I get a AMD coupon code.
    The promotion were hosted by AMD.
    Please visit AMD Rewards website for detailed information.
  • I think my card has coil whine, what should I do?
    For electric voices, strange high pitch sound (coil whine), it is very common for graphic card operating during loading, all we can do is try to reduce the happen rate. Check game setting : please run these 3D game in full screen mode , run 3D game in window mode might increase whine level .
    WINDOWS power setting : please check windows power setting and make sure the setting have been change to 'high performance' .
    PCIE power cable connection : if possible , please connect 2 PCIE power cable to graphic card, do not using daisy chain. Also try using Vsync, limit the in-game fps to see will help or not.
    Physically remove your PSU from the chassis. Plug all psu power cables as you would normally, and run your system with the PSU out the case. Often times, the echo of the case can make it seem like the whining is coming from the graphics card when it is more often coming from the power supply.