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Thunderbolt™ 3 eGFX enclosure

  • Where is the SATA connector?
    You could find SATA connector on PCB edge of I/O board, please connect SATA cable before installing display card, if you want to install a 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD.
  • Wi-Fi connection is unstable after Devil Box has been connected to notebook.
    Please try to solve this by changing Wi-Fi connection to 5Ghz.
  • None of the USB devices and display card (already install in Devilbox) have been detect after Thunderbolt 3 cable connect to Notebook/mini PC.
    Please try to solve this status by these step : Unplug the Devilbox from your Notebook/mini PC by disconnect Thunderbolt 3 cable. Shutdown notebook and also power off Devilbox power supply. Keep both Notebook or Mini PC /Devilbox power off for at least 30 seconds . then press power switch of Devilbox to power on this device . connect Thunderbolt 3 cable back to Devilbox and notebook Power ON the notebook/ mini-PC.
  • Devil Box installation process:
      1. Update the notebook/mini PC to latest version 1607 of windows 10 at first (it might need to reboot several times).
    2. Download driver for display card from AMD/NVIDIA website, and keep it in HDD of notebook /mini PC.
    3. Disconnect all internet connection of Notebook /mini PC, including Wi-Fi and LAN connection.
    4. Connect Devil Box to Notebook /mini PC, the system will detect a standard display device (display card in Devil Box) and USB/LAN device.
    5. Install display driver (download in earlier) for display card in Devil Box.
    6. Reboot system, new display driver should work with external display card.
    7. Connect Wi-Fi / LAN of notebook /mini PC.