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Graphic Cards

  • Instructing to run the DDU because my graphics card is not working
    For DDU, you can follow this guide: 
    Essentially, DDU will pick up any traces of residual driver data and delete those traces. This is a fairly good tutorial for DDU.
  • My card is causing black screens
    Generally, around what temperatures are you operating? If the system is blackscreening and then crashing it could be indicative of thermals going haywire. If however, the thermals are under control, it could be software related; in which case I would recommend doing a DDU uninstall of your drivers in safe mode, reinstalling them, and seeing if the problem persists. Additionally, if you’re getting performance dips in game, there was a hotfix in the latest Windows update so make sure your Windows is as up to date as possible. Also, is your motherboard BIOS currently up to date with  all the latest Window’s updates and driver updates? 
  • The fans run fine. The card has been causing the computer to shut down and restart every time it’s used.
    Are you daisy chaining the cables on your card? The instability could be caused by the card getting insufficient power.
  • My new card never work
    Can you plug in 2 separate, dedicated PCI-E cables into the 2 power slots.One PCIE PSU cable will not always have sufficient power draw to support the 5700xt.
  • RX6900XT RED DEVIL LIMITED EDITION can’t work. I put another card and this one did work, so it was discarded, I have a Focus 1000W Platinum
    Try the card on different monitors, tested out other HDMI/DisplayPort cables, and tested out your current monitor on a different system. Be sure using 3 separate PCIE power cables. Do not daisy chaining the PCIE power. 
  • ARGB function could not work
    Please make sure ARGB cable have already connect correctly, and ‘Synchronize with Motherboard’  feature in Devilzone software have already selected.