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  • What is Thermal Paste/ Thermal Pad? Do I need to replace them myself?
    Thermal paste/Thermal pad is a medium that helps the graphics card dissipate heat, normally there is no need to replace them from time to time.
    And we do not recommend replacing thermal pads by yourself, the process of self-replacement may cause unexpected damage.
  • My graphics card has no display.
    Please clean the graphic card’s gold finger and motherboard’s PCI-E slot, make sure the graphic card seats correctly,also try re-install the graphic card in different PCI-E slot.
    If you are using an adapter, we recommend that you connect the graphics card directly to the monitor, There may be compatibility issues between the adapter and the graphics card.
  • Should I be using a graphics card holder?
    We strongly recommend using a graphics card holder for graphics cards with more than three fans, which can reduce the possibility of PCB board deformation.
    Of course you can also refer to our GCH-1000
    Graphics Card Holder
    Graphics Card Holder Mounting Guide
  • How do I obtain an RMA number for a product in warranty?
    Submit your warranty at
  • I'm located outside USA, if I buy a PowerColor GPU from, how long can I get the warranty?
    We don't provide the global warranty. The warranty period depends on the region where the graphics card was purchased and please kindly check with the reseller for more details of warranty along with repair process. If there are any concern for the RMA service, please refer the 'Where to buy' for our cooperated partners to ensure your right.
  • How can I get a AMD coupon code.
    The promotion were hosted by AMD.
    Please visit AMD Rewards website for detailed information.
  • I think my card has coil whine, what should I do?
    For electric voices, strange high pitch sound (coil whine), it is very common for graphic card operating during loading, all we can do is try to reduce the happen rate. Check game setting : please run these 3D game in full screen mode , run 3D game in window mode might increase whine level .
    WINDOWS power setting : please check windows power setting and make sure the setting have been change to 'high performance' .
    PCIE power cable connection : if possible , please connect 2 PCIE power cable to graphic card, do not using daisy chain. Also try using Vsync, limit the in-game fps to see will help or not.
    Physically remove your PSU from the chassis. Plug all psu power cables as you would normally, and run your system with the PSU out the case. Often times, the echo of the case can make it seem like the whining is coming from the graphics card when it is more often coming from the power supply.
  • Where is the SATA connector?
    You could find SATA connector on PCB edge of I/O board, please connect SATA cable before installing display card, if you want to install a 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD.
  • Wi-Fi connection is unstable after Devil Box has been connected to notebook.
    Please try to solve this by changing Wi-Fi connection to 5Ghz.
  • None of the USB devices and display card (already install in Devilbox) have been detect after Thunderbolt 3 cable connect to Notebook/mini PC.
    Please try to solve this status by these step : Unplug the Devilbox from your Notebook/mini PC by disconnect Thunderbolt 3 cable. Shutdown notebook and also power off Devilbox power supply. Keep both Notebook or Mini PC /Devilbox power off for at least 30 seconds . then press power switch of Devilbox to power on this device . connect Thunderbolt 3 cable back to Devilbox and notebook Power ON the notebook/ mini-PC.