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  • What do I do if my system hard crashes under load with a PowerColor graphics card?
    Make sure you aren’t daisy chaining your cables; daisy chaining your cables can cause your graphics card (and system) to receive insufficient power.
  • What is daisy chaining?
    Daisy chaining in this case would be using a single power supply cable for multiple 6+2 PCI-E slots on the GPU. Recently, graphics cards have become exceedingly picky about the power they pull. Daisy chaining your PCIE power cables to your GPU could potentially be causing issues because the power draw is not properly regulated.
  • I want to flash my BIOS to a different version, where can I find the BIOS files for my card?
    Unfortunately, we don’t provide BIOS files and do not recommend adjusting or tampering with the stock bios settings in any way.
  • What do I do if my system is not detecting my GPU?
    If you have a more recent card, it may be a good idea to check your motherboard to see if there are new Motherboard BIOS versions available.
  • My graphic card Fan stop or doesn’t spin
    Most PowerColor graphics cards have MuteFan feature which stops the fans under low heat to extend fan bearing lifetime.
  • Where do I download drivers?
    The latest Radeon drivers can be downloaded directly from AMD’s website
  • Having troubles with my cards crashing in multiple games
    If your games are getting consistent crashes it could be a driver issue. Are all of your drivers up to date? If your PC is hard crashing it could be related to power. Is your system plugged into the wall or UPS? Also, I would suggest if you have access to a different power supply maybe try it out to see if you’re getting the constant crashing.
  • Instructing to run the DDU because my graphics card is not working
    For DDU, you can follow this guide:
    Essentially, DDU will pick up any traces of residual driver data and delete those traces. This is a fairly good tutorial for DDU.
    You can also use AMD's removal software (AMDCleanupUtility), the function of this program is similar to that of DDU. It is specifically responsible for removing the AMD graphics card driver. After restarting the system according to the instructions and performing the related process of removing the driver, the program will restart the system and confirm the AMD graphics card when entering the WINDOWS desktop﹝Driver has been removed﹞
  • My card is causing black screens
    Generally, around what temperatures are you operating? If the system is blackscreening and then crashing it could be indicative of thermals going haywire. If however, the thermals are under control, it could be software related; in which case I would recommend doing a DDU uninstall of your drivers in safe mode, reinstalling them, and seeing if the problem persists. Additionally, if you’re getting performance dips in game, there was a hotfix in the latest Windows update so make sure your Windows is as up to date as possible. Also, is your motherboard BIOS currently up to date with all the latest Window’s updates and driver updates?
  • Big difference between GPU Temperature and GPU Hot Spot Temperature.
    Under particular situation, the HOT SPOT temperature may be higher than 100 degrees.
    The setting of graphics card's driver will try to balance the fan speed/performance/GPU temperature when high loading or xtreme burn-in test, then it may cause the GPU HOT SPOT temperature to rise in higher value, but the fan speed will not reflect to higher RPM to transfer the heat immediately.
    Mostly, the GPU loading keep changing when play game and HOT SPOT as well.