With its restless desire to rule the universe but no wish to see any light,
Devil 13, the ruler of the underworld created a new Devil to rise from the underworld and master all creatures.
Red Devil as he was named,
known to be the only Devil besides his creator to master all elements of the Pentagon;
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void,
it's presence was feared by all corners of the new world.
Ever since, no one dared to challenge Devil's true gaming empire.

  • Platinum Power Kit--DrMos

    Platinum Power Kit--DrMos

    ‧ Digital controller and Super Capacitors for improved reliability
    ‧ Superior power efficiency
    ‧ Significantly low power loss
    ‧ Better thermal protection

  • Lower temperature Better Performance

    Lower temperature Better Performance

    More is more. For providing powerful but silent gaming experience, Red Devil increases more fins on the heatsink to enlarge the surface for heat dissipation. The best part is it equips with up to 8mm heat pipes to guarantee lower temperature but better performance.

  • Two Ball Bearing

    Two Ball Bearing

    4X greater longevity
    +20% efficiency
    The cooling fan equips with two-ball bearings which increases 4X longevity and +20% efficiency.

  • Back Plate and Black PCB

    Back Plate and Black PCB

    Red Devil is armored with 1.5mm metal back plate which is one of a kind and definitely the toughest.

  • Shine your Red Devil

    Shine your Red Devil

    LED switch glows your Red Devil in the dark!