This event was already closed, thanks again for your kindly support!

2014 is coming, and we’d like to thank you all for your great support and choosing PowerColor as your graphics brand!!
From Dec. 16, 2013 to Jan. 31, 2014, users buy PowerColor TurboDuo R9 280X OC and R7 250 2G/1G, then get a chance to win “FREE Upgrade” as well as other fantastic giveaways!!

How to Play ?
Step 1: Buy PowerColor TurboDuo R9 280X OC or R7 250 2G/1G.
Step 2: Take the scratch card out of the box, and scratch off the opaque covering on the card.
Step 3: Be a lucky winner.
Step 4: Winners must go to the event webpage and register your information.
  If I’m the winner of “FREE Upgrade”, how can I upgrade my card??
If you’re the lucky winner of “FREE Upgrade”, you need to send your original card back to the appointed address first, and then PowerColor will send the new upgraded card to you. PowerColor will email instruction to all winners of “FREE Upgrade” after the event is finished (before Feb. 7), other detail info will show in the email, please make sure your email address is valid.
  Period : Dec. 16, 2013 – Jan. 31, 2014
Prize :
  TurboDuo R9 280X 2GB GDDR5

R9 290 4GB GDDR5 OC
R7 250 1GB/2GB GDDR5

R7 260X 2GB GDDR5
Devil Mouse Pad Devil 8G USB PowerColor Warrior Doll
  Requested Information :
Basic Information
First Name Last Name
Contact No. Address
City Country
Product Information
Product Model
S/N No.
Prize Code *
Retail store / Etailer
Enter the code Reload
* The prize code is following with the prize under the opaque covering.
  Terms and Conditions :
1. The scratch cards are limited, not every graphic cards will have it.
2. PowerColor TurboDuo R9 280X OC is excluded from this program in Brazil;
PowerColor R7 250 2G/1G will only apply for Russian and Asia Pacific regions.
3. Winners will get a confirmation email after submitting, so a valid email address is needed. If you don't receive an email, check your bulk mail folder or mail to
4. All prizes will send out after the event is finished.
5. All prizes except “FREE Upgrade” will send out before Feb. 15.
6. For the winners of “FREE Upgrade”, PowerColor will contact you one by one via email after the event, and give you further instruction about how to upgrade the cards.
7. The winners of “FREE UPGRADE” need to send back your TurboDuo R9 280X OC/ R7 250 2G/1G for the upgrade model.
8. The winners of “FREE UPGRADE” need to cover the shipping expense for sending back your graphic card to the appointed address.
9. Winners should keep the prize code which shows under the opaque covering.
10. Prizes will not be mailed to PO Boxes.
11. PowerColor is not responsible for lost or stolen prizes.
12. PowerColor uses information that users provide to send out E-newsletter occasionally, users may unsubscribe to newsletters at anytime by following the instructions provided.
13. Contest email: