PowerColor will contact with winners directly by email before Oct. 6th 2010. If you don't receive an email, check your bulk mail folder or mail to event@powercolor.com . Please reply the mail before Oct. 15th 2010, otherwise we'll cancel your qualification of being the winner.


  PowerColor Hoodie : 5pcs
Name Country
Shawn Haynes U.S.A.
donald chua Philippines
Timur Galiullin Russia
Pawel Piekarz Poland
Gerhard Liebentritt Austria
  PowerColor Extreme 1000W : 2pcs
Name Country
Mathias Kosinski Germany
hanna novak U.S.A.

  Schedule :
  Power Up : Sep. 14th (UTC/GMT-8)
  Power Off : Sep. 30th (UTC/GMT-8)
  Winner announcement: Oct. 1st (UTC/GMT-8)
  Prizes :
  PowerColor Extreme 1000W - 2pcs
  PowerColor Hoodie - 5pcs
  The winner will be selected at random pick