PowerColor PCS+ HD5870
Name Country
Harisukro Indonesia
PowerColor PCS+ HD5770
Name Country
Amielucha Ireland
JC_Denton Germany
algova Spain
PowerColor will contact with winners directly by email before Feb. 24th 2010. If you don't receive an email, check your bulk mail folder or mail to . Please reply the mail before Feb. 28th 2010, otherwise we'll cancel your qualification of being the winner.

The rules are simple! just submit a picture of your first DX11 experience moment, you’re reaction, or you’re cat reaction to your reaction, anything that might relate to your first DX11 Experience! You just have to hope that others will vote for you as the most original.

How to win a PCS+ HD5870 or PCS+ HD5770?
Upload your creative picture here (please link to upload page) and one of 4 communities, later each community will vote for the most original one to represent their community. When each community has found its winner, these 4 winners will go on direct competition in a voting that will be held here to find the craziest picture of all.

The final winner who beats other original pictures from other 3 communities will get a fantastic PowerColor PCS+ HD5870.
The other 3 winners join the final and represent each community will also get a brand new PowerColor PCS+ HD5770 !

The submissions for this competition are open from January 18th to January 31st, 2010. Communities will cast their voting to select their winner from February 1st to February 3rd, 2010. Winners of each community will be posted on the competition main page on 4th February for worldwide voting that ends on 11st of February, 2010. The worldwide winner will be announced on 12nd of February, 2010.

Click on one community logo bellow and show them why you had to close you’re room when you got your first DX11 ready card.




1409 Amielucha 1478 Harisukro 196 JC_Denton 65 algova
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