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Q HD5450 PCIe 2.1 suppose to backward compatible with PCIe 1.0. But it didn’t work on my motherboard.
A Some PCI-E 1.x motherboards need to update BIOS to recognize new generation AMD graphics cards. Please contact with your motherboard manufacturers to see if they have BIOS to support newer AMD graphics cards.
Q Why is there no sound on TV?
A Please confirm if the player is switched to mute and whether the audio output is configured correctly. Make sure if the computer sound output is over HDMI instead of your sound card.
Q How come there is interference on the image on TV?
A Please check if the transmitter and the receiver are too far away from each other. The transmission distance between transmitter and receiver is 25m line of sight. Distance varies depends on surrounding area, when signals are sending through wall, the distance and imaged effect are affected. WHDI co-exist with Wi-Fi 802.11a/n in the 5GHZ band, switch the Wi-Fi to 2.4GHZ will help diminishing the interference.
Q Why is there no signal on TV after Justsling have already connected ?
A Please check if the receiver properly connected to TV. Please Also make sure whether the input source of the TV is switched to HDMI.
Q Why the video have not show up during Blu-Ray disc playback ?
A JustSling fully complies with HDCP 2.0. Please confirm if display device supports HDCP.
Q HDMI sound function could not work correctly with my WinXP system after HD2000/3000/4000 series vga card have installed .
A Possible to solve issues regarding HDMI sound output for XP only: 1. Update motherboard BIOS to most current version (check your manufacturers website for current versions) 2. Update sound card driver of mainboard to most current version (check your manufacturers website for current versions) 3. Update your ATI Catalyst driver ( 4. install the Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) driver for high-def audio (
Q Where could find newer display driver for HD2000/3000 series AGP product ? driver download from Ati website could not work .
A please check this link : Catalyst AGP Hotfix - Radeon HD 3000 and Radeon HD 2000 Series AGP products Link:
Q Some Suggestions for AGP VGA Card Users :

Please check the following conditions:
1. Overclock : If you have made your CPU/memory running at a higher speed, please change it back to normal speed; because the power supply could not accept this kind of loading when you install a new VGA card on the system.
2. Power Supply : We've always suggested a power supply with 350W~400W for most AGP series products, so you might need an equivalent or higher power supply. If this VGA card includes an external power connector, please make sure the power supply connects to the vga card ONLY. We do not suggest you to connect the same cable with other devices like HDD/CDROM.
3. System Memory Config : Please try to install your DIMM moudle to a different slot of your mainboard. We have received some feedback that the system works in AGP 8x after users have changed the DIMM to another brand, or changed the slot.
4. Driver/Bios of Mainboard : Please check and update the driver/bios of mainbnoard, and make sure the bios/driver of mainboard is working with the latest version. In some cases, you might need to check with the mainboard chipset vendor ( VIA / NV / intel .... ) to make sure the driver has updated to newest version.
You could try to change these bios setting of your mainboard ---
AGP fast write: Disable; AGP aperture memory: 128MB or 256MB; AGP voltage : 1.6V ; AGP 3.0 Calibration Control : disable

Q Do I need to update BIOS for the display card like mainboards?

Because the components on display card are fixed, it is totally unnecessary to regularly update the BIOS of display card. Mainboard may need to update BIOS for its compatibility with new CPU, DRAM, peripheral devices, and etc. Display card BIOS updates are required only for bug fixing or other special cases. It happens rarely. Please note, we do not suggest users to update BIOS with image files that are available on Internet. It is highly likely that those image files are not compatible with your display card at all; and your display card may not work any more after such update. You would void the warranty of display card at the same time.


After upgrading to WinXP SP2, some VGA display functions cannot work properly,please tell me how to fix it.


This issue may be due to Microsoft Windows allocate less AGP resource than minimum requirement of ATI display driver.
Please refer to ATI official webpage for more info & solution, visit: 

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