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Download Powerup Tuner

Powerup Tuner V0.2 Operation Manual

  • 1. Main Windows.
    You will see the following Windows when Powerup Tuner V0.2 is executed. You can adjust Core Clock, Core Voltage, Memory Clock under 3D mode, and Fan Speed ontrol.
    Meanwhile, you can save your settings into profiles, or load saved profiles.

  • 2. Information.

    By clicking the INFO button, you can check your VGA card information and Powerup Tuner Version.

    3. Control panel.

    By dragging the scroll button, you can adjust Core clock / Memory Clock / Core Voltage. The core clock / memory clock / core voltage are variable depending on different VGA cards. After adjustment, please click on the Apply button in the bottom right corner to save your adjustment.

  • 4. Fan Speed.
    The default setting of fan speed is set to Auto. If you want to set fan speed by yourself, please click Manual icon, it will change mode to manual. Then you can drag scroll button to set fan speed. Or you can click the “User Fan control” to define your own fan table through the setting. After making adjustments, please click Apply button in the bottom right corner to save your adjustment.

    If you want to return to fan auto control mode, please click Fan Auto icon, it will automatically return to system control.

5. Profile.

You can save your settings into profile. After your settings being applied, please click profile number you want to save into.
Then click SAVE button to save your Profile.

If you want to load Profile, please click the number of profile you want to load, then click Load button to load Profile.

After the Profile is loaded, please click Apply button to apply Profile settings.
6. Reset.
If you want to set all settings to back default, you can click Reset button to set default and click Apply button to apply the RESET.

7. Setting-General
The new version of PowerUp Tuner supports dual-graphic processors over-clocking. When you have two different GPUs, you can select the one which you like to adjust the core voltage, core speed, memory speed, and fan speed. From the general page of setting, you can also select the “Synchronization” to synchronize the two different graphic cards settings of core speed, memory speed, and fan speed. The “Start with Windows” provides you the choice of start this program while you start your computer.

8. Setting-General
In this page, you can click the “Enable user defined …” to have your own fan control setting. This fan table provides you the Fan Speed versus Temperature. User can add up to 7 nodes by clicking anywhere of the line, and delete the nodes by clicking the node and press button of “Delete.” This fan table is connecting to the shortcut “User Fan control” of main page.

9. Setting-Monitor
You can personalize your monitoring windows by choosing the items from Monitor page. You also can choose the refresh speed and save the history of your graphic card states.

10. Setting-Profile
The profiles can be changed to the name you like, and show date which you save the profiles.


Version Download Remark
Powerup TunerV0.2.3.E0123.exeV0.2.3.E0123Add new function
1. Remote connection (for Android APP)|
2. User Interface switching
3. Power limit control
Android PowerupTuner App V1.0.apkAppV1.0Install on Android device to remote control Powerup Tuner
Powerup Tuner V0.2.2.D0528.exeV0.2.2.D0528Correct the Format of Log History

Product Support list

Part Number Model Name
AX7970 3GBD5-2DHPPVPowerColor Radeon™ PCS+ HD7970 3GB GDDR5 VORTEXII
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHPPV3PowerColor Radeon™ PCS+ HD7950 3GB GDDR5 Boost State
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHPPPowerColor Radeon™ PCS+ HD7950 3GB GDDR5
AX7970 3GBD5-W2DHPowerColor Radeon™ LCS HD7970 3GB GDDR5
AX7990 6GBD5-M4DHGPowerColor Radeon™ HD7990 6GB GDDR5 V2(Game Bundle)
AX7990 6GBD5-M4DHPowerColor Radeon™ HD7990 6GB GDDR5 V2
AX7990 6GBD5-2DHJPowerColor Radeon™ HD7990 6GB GDDR5
AX7970 3GBD5-2DHE/OCPowerColor Radeon™ HD7970 3GB GDDR5 OC(UEFI READY)
AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3EPowerColor Radeon™ HD7970 3GB GDDR5 (V3)(UEFI READY)
AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3PowerColor Radeon™ HD7970 3GB GDDR5 (V3)
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHV5EPowerColor Radeon™ HD7950 3GB GDDR5 BOOST STATE(V5)(UEFI READY)
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHV5PowerColor Radeon™ HD7950 3GB GDDR5 BOOST STATE(V5)
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHV4EPowerColor Radeon™ HD7950 3GB GDDR5 BOOST STATE(UEFI READY)
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHV4PowerColor Radeon™ HD7950 3GB GDDR5 BOOST STATE
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHPowerColor Radeon™ HD7950 3GB GDDR5
AX7850 2GBD5-6DEPowerColor Radeon™ HD7850 2GB GDDR5 Eyefinity 6 Edition
AX7990 6GBD5-A2DHJPowerColor Radeon™ DEVIL13 HD7990 6GB GDDR5
AX7870 2GBD5-2DHPPGPowerColor PCS+ HD7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5 (DiRT SHOWDOWN Edition)
AX7870 2GBD5-2DHPPPowerColor PCS+ HD7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5
AX7870 2GBD5-2DHPPVGPowerColor PCS+ HD7870 2GB GDDR5 Vortex II (DiRT SHOWNDOWN Edition)
AX7870 2GBD5-2DHPPVPowerColor PCS+ HD7870 2GB GDDR5 (Vortex II Edition)
AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV2PowerColor HD7970 3GB GDDR5 (V2)
AX7970 3GBD5-M2DHGPowerColor HD7970 3GB GDDR5 (DIRT3 EDITION)
AX7970 3GBD5-2DHPowerColor HD7970 3GB GDDR5
AX7950 3GBD5-2DHV2PowerColor HD7950 3GB GDDR5 (V2)
AX7870 2GBD5-2DH/OCPowerColor HD7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5 OC(UEFI READY)
AX7870 2GBD5-2DHV2EPowerColor HD7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5 (V2)(UEFI READY)
AX7870 2GBD5-2DHV2PowerColor HD7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5 (V2)
AX7870 2GBD5-2DHPowerColor HD7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5
AX7870 2GBD5-6DPowerColor HD7870 2GB GDDR5 Eyefinity 6 Edition
AX7870 2GBD5-A2DHPowerColor DEVIL HD7870 2GB GDDR5